Weiner, Yancey, Dempsey & Diggs LLP


We have achieved significant results for our clients.  Although every case is different and there are no promises or guarantees of future results, our firm has been successful in recovering large verdicts and settlements for our clients. A selected sampling of such cases follows.


Significant Settlements

Copps v. United Parcel Service

CAF D-57322, Fulton Superior Court

Wrongful Death Auto Accident;


Civil Jury Verdict Awarded for Love of Life


Hendrix v. Dearing

Cobb Superior Court

Personal Injury


Civil Jury Verdict

(record soft tissue verdict in Cobb County at that time)

Gregory v. Donaldson

Fulton Superior Court

Personal Injury Auto Accident

(closed head injury)


Civil Jury Verdict


There are also numerous cases where we have been successful in obtaining significant settlements for our clients on the eve of trial where we are unable to divulge specific information about those cases due to confidentiality agreements.  These cases include wrongful death actions, motor vehicle/tractor trailer collisions, slip and fall cases, premises liability cases, criminal assault cases, and other personal injury cases.  


The members of the law firm have handled and participated in numerous, significant appellate cases in Georgia including:

Swims v. Fulton County, 267 Ga. 94 (right of governmental entities to exchange properties, inverse condemnation).

Warren v. Ballard, 266 Ga. 408 (collateral source evidence excluded in personal injury action).

Threatt v. Fulton County, 266 Ga. 466 (eminent domain).

Fulton County v. Funk, 266 Ga. 64 (eminent domain).

Fulton County v. Threatt, 210 Ga. App. 266 (eminent domain).

Johnson v. Woodard, et al., 208 Ga. App. 41 (jurisdiction tort action).

    This trucking accident case involved a collision that occurred in the state of South Carolina with a Georgia resident and a trucking company holding a certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the Georgia Public Service Commission.  The Court held that joinder of the insurer and the motor carrier in the same lawsuit was not prohibited merely because the collision occurred on a highway in another state. This case effectively overruled prior case law.  After our firm won this ruling in the Georgia appellate courts, the case was settled. 

Jones v. Fulton County, 207 Ga. App. 397 (eminent domain).

Bank South v. Tate, 190 Ga. App. 248 (abuse of process).

Strozier v. Simmons USA Corp., 192 Ga. App. 601 (personal injury).

DOT v. Swanson, 191 Ga. App. 752 (eminent domain).

DOT v. Petkas, 189 Ga. App. 633 (eminent domain).

United Waste, Ltd. v. Fulton County, 184 Ga. App. 694 (eminent domain).

DOT v. Fitzpatrick, et al., 184 Ga. 249 (eminent domain).

West v. DOT, 174 Ga. App. 603 (eminent domain).

Thompson v. Bank of the South, 172 Ga. App. 579 (interpleader action).

Warehouse Carpet Sales & Service, Inc. & SCJ Association, Inc., 170 Ga. App. 352 (upheld contempt action against shareholder director).

Morrison v. DOT, 166 Ga. App. 144 (eminent domain).

DOT v. Franco’s Pizza, 164 Ga. App. 497 (leasehold provision in eminent domain).

Union Circulation Co., Inc. v. Trust Company Bank, 143 Ga. App. 715 (fraud and conversion).

Williams v. Swint, 239 Ga. 66 (contested will).

Brown v. Techdata Corp., 238 Ga. 622 (equitable rescission of contract).

Warner v. Warner, 234 Ga. 757 (divorce).

Waddell v. Todd, 131 Ga. App. (appeal respecting assessment of court costs).

Master Mortgage Corp. v. Craven, 127 Ga. App. 367 (proceeding for application to inspect corporate book and records).

Williams v. Allen, 439 F.2d 1398 (policeman’s right to procedural due process).

Mixson v. Southern Bell, 34 F.Supp. 525 (sex discrimination in retirement plan).

St. Francis Hospital v. Dion, 123 Ga. App. 360 (lack of jurisdiction in medical malpractice).

Mitchell v. Hayden, Stone, Inc., 225 Ga. 711 (stolen securities basis for action against recipient of stock).

Pippins v. Securities Investment Co. of Atlanta, 223 Ga. 812 (failure to timely transmit record).

Fong v. General Motors Acceptance Corp., 114 Ga. App. 602 (action to foreclose conditional sales contract).

Weiner v. Fulton County, 113 Ga. App. 343 (lawyer’s duty to represent indigent defendants).

Choate v. Choate, 219 Ga. 250 (divorce).

Turner v. McGee, 217 Ga. 769 (child custody in habeas corpus proceeding).

Carroll v. Johnson, 105 Ga. App. 541 (motor vehicle collision).

Slater v. Slater, 215 Ga. 161 (1959); 216 Ga. 242 (domestic).

Edwards Warren Tire Co. v. Coble, 102 Ga. App. 106 (bad faith in the breach of employment contract).

Woodside v. City of Atlanta, 214 Ga. 75 (landmark eminent domain case).